Mehele's Senior Care

In the same way, you who are younger, submit yourselves to your elders. All of you clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, “God opposes the proud, but shows favor to the humble.”

About Us

Welcome to Mehele's Senior Care

At Mehele’s Senior Care, we believe that seniors deserve the best. Knowing that your loved one is happy, safe, and cared for is your priority and ours too.

Our goals are to provide the peace of mind you need when making the decision to honor your family members which remain in their home. We provide compassionate in-home companion care for seniors. We support daily routines, various activities such as walks outside, trips to the grocery store or running errands. While caring for your loved ones, our objective is to treat them with the respect and dignity that we show our own family and friends!

Years Of Experience

My experiences of helping seniors started as a child. Pursue the same path, I then quickly started volunteering at local shelters while I was in school. When reflecting upon the 15 years of my life, I honestly say volunteering with the elderly has been one of the most inspiring experiences.

Licensed CNA by the state of Nebraska

Certified in CPR by the Red Cross

20 years customer service experience

2 years hospital clinical experiences

2 years of light house (Nursing Home) experience

Effective Communicator; Active Listener, Writer, Speaker, Reader

Great collaboration and teamwork skills

Adaptive Problem solver

Keen Attention to detail

In-depth understanding of patient care policies and regulations

Familiar with symptoms/signs of improvement for many medical conditions

Assisting patients with mobility needs, transferring from wheelchair to bed

What We do

Our Services

Companionship and Personal Care
Plan Visits and Outings/Activities of Interest
Stimulate (cognitive) mental awareness
Assist with personal hygiene and dressing
Help maintain personnel appearance
Medication Reminders
Monitor safe environment in living areas
Encourage use of proper aids for safe walking
Monitor A Healthy Diet
Assist in Fixing Light Meals
Light House Keeping
Change bed linens

Contact Us Today!

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Chianugo Nnubuogu
Chianugo Nnubuogu
Very good people with perfect health care services ❤️
I have heard nothing but good words and great things about Mehele's Senior Care LLC. Knowing the owner of this homecare very well, I can vouch that her personality, professionalism and work ethic will be reflected through her company's mission and anyone who will work with her. She is a very humble and respectful person I have ever met in our church. She is not only a Christian, but a woman of faith who shows the love of Christ around her everywhere she goes. Dignity and respect for others are strong moral values that she exhibits. I will recommend this homecare for anyone who needs it for their loved ones. Not only, they will have a wonderful, respected, and quality care for their love ones but, they will also experience a heavenly peace of mind.
Kossi Soncy
Kossi Soncy
Great company and good service
Didier Ayi
Didier Ayi
The work you do is important and so appreciated by my family. We are all grateful to have your team around.
ahogninou akohin
ahogninou akohin
She’s good manager who is care Seniors persons in good time. I like that company. She is very patience , caring and loving person.
Sean Bledje
Sean Bledje
Highly recommended
Eric Beba
Eric Beba
If you combine professionalism, true care, and integeity, you get Mehele's Senior Care LLC. This company makes sure clients and employees are well taken care of!